Dream platform

Here you can find feature and API documentation how to use the Dream platform when developing services that are connected to the platform.

The platform is the basis which Dream services are built on. From the platform these 3rd party services have access to centrally managed features:

  • User account database
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Gadget desktop


The Dream core platform has the following components:

As a whole the system looks like this:


User database

User database is central place to handle everything related to users, organisations, and permissions.

It provides SSO (single sign-on) and authentication.


Most of the visible UI of the platform comes from the gadget desktop.

Services can provide their own UIs in their own domains, but they also can create gadgets that are shown in the desktop.

Dream Widget

All services should use Dream Widget in their web pages. This way the user has direct access to the Dream platform services from all pages.

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