Dream UserDB

The user database (hereafter UserDB) is the central place for user account information, and permission management.

Dream UserDB provides 3rd party services means to identify, authenticate and authorize users in the Dream platform.

Each service can register service specific permissions to the UserDB. These permissions are then handled in the UserDB and the 3rd party service gets access to the permission data.

All services can authenticate all users, and it is the responsibility of the service to check if the user should have access to the service or not and what actions the user can do inside the service.

The service can use only data provided back in authentication requests as attributes. Or the service can request access to the UserDB API to query data directly from the database.

Users provisioning should be automatic when the user logs in to the service for the first time. It is each services responsibility to handle this the way the service sees best.

Registering new services

In order to access the UserDB your service needs to be registered to the UserDB as a service.

The following information is needed:

  • Name of the service
  • Permissions your service is using to identify access levels

Contact Haltu for help in registration of your service.

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